Welcome to Badger Logistics Sukses

Badger Logistics Sukses has pursued concepts of quality and excellence in the world of shipping, air cargo, and international logistics since its incorporation.

We share and identify with your commercial priorities to help the company with their logistics needs. We design logistics systems according to your requirement, using multi-modal modes of transport if necessary. We believe in giving you, our clients, maximum value for your money in our services.

We also thrive in geographical areas where the logistics infrastructures are inadequate to meet growing economies or where the locations are remote and difficult.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to help your company to obtain the best freight logistics solution economically without sacrificing efficiency and on-time service.

We have design which have to priority quality of service in ship out the cargo, with competitive rate without to reduce the satisfied from customer and also offer a value added activities and a flexible shipping product tailor made to fit your needs with regard to transit time and overall service.

To ensure our associates to put forth every effort to maintain customer relationships and build future business together.